Providing education in the sport of eventing, we teach all phases
Dressage, stadium, and cross-country are taught at our two facilities
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We are located in Vermont and North Carolina Denny and May Emerson's Tamarack Hill Farm: A leader in American eventing for over 40 years
Denny was twice president of the USCTA

2017 Jumper Challenge Show #2 results posted
2017 Jumper Challenge Show #1 results posted
Tamarack Hill Farm does not have lesson horses
Denny's latest book ranks among top equestrian best-sellers

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Denny is considered one of the century's most signicant contributors to horsemanship
Endurance riding is another Emerson specialty

Tamarack Hill Farm offers equestrians personal, in depth instruction in the sport of eventing. Since Tamarack's establishment in 1970, thousands of event riders and horses have come to us for training. We cater to all abilities, and focus on all phases of eventing.

Riders from Tamarack have gone on to represent the U.S., Canada and the Virgin Islands at the Olympics, the Pan American Games, and the World Championships. Additionally, some former Tamarack students are, or have been, USEF Area Chairmen or USEA Board members.
Denny Emerson is renowned in the eventing world
Tamarack Hill Farm also stands stallions renowned for their superior athletic performance.

We provide a variety of learning environments in which students may train, including our Adult Camp, Group Short Courses, and lessons.

To provide riders with an opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have developed, Tamarack holds several schooling shows and trials throughout the year.


Hundreds of descendents of ten Tamarack stallions compete throughout North America. Our objective has always been to try to stand stallions which are physically sound, mentally stable, and athletic.

Our stallion Formula One, with his strong pedigree, his equally strong and correct physical structure, his gaits and his manners, is also a great stud       Our stallion Aberjack

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As the sport of eventing (and the whole American sport horse market) has changed over the years, we feel that modern stallions need to be steady and quiet, and have especially nice movement to meet the demanding challenges of the increased emphasis on dressage.

Currently, Tamarack is standing Formula One and Aberjack.

We offer adult camps for overnight stays FACILITIES

Tamarack Hill Farm includes two facilities: our home base of 500 acres in beautiful Vermont, and our winter location of 65 acres, in Southern Pines, NC.

Each facility provides a superb venue for establishing and improving skills necessary for success in dressage, stadium, and cross-country jumping.

Group sessions may be arranged for mixed ages overnight

Our students are competitors, coaches, judges, technical delegates and officials, veterinarians, trainers, organizers, course designers and builders


Tamarack students range from advanced level riders with international caliber horses, to elementary level riders on the greenest of horses. They have been as young as ten or eleven, and as veteran as nearly 80.

Many of them are actively involved throughout the U.S. and Canada in every aspect of the sport. They are competitors, coaches, judges, technical delegates and officials, veterinarians, trainers, organizers, course designers and builders. All of them receive the same degree of time, interest, and respect, probably one reason why so many come back, year after year.

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